We just love our peaceful, wild and woolly, au naturel indigenous garden

The Indigenous Garden

The Acorns on 8th Indigenous Garden is a result of a decision made years ago to plant indigenous, borne out of both a growing interest in South Africa’s huge array of native plants as well as being acutely aware of the need to cut down on water use.

We’re certainly no horticulturalists, and the rambling, almost unkempt, indigenous garden has been developed over years of not knowing what to do!

If plants survived, they were kept.
If they died, el experimento continuó!

We’re a big believer in nature providing calm, and the one goal we had when creating what we have today, was a peaceful refuge.

The large pool offers great relief from our increasingly hot summers

In our effort to work with nature, we top the pool up with rainwater off the roof, clear the streets of autumn leaves to use as mulch in the garden, recycle household waste, use energy saving bulbs inside and out and use the sun to heat our hot water.